Zendoodle materials

Zendoodle does not require special materials. Zendoodling can be done with any drawing tool. It is however so, that with specialized materials, you can reach far more detailed work.


For drawing mostly technical markers are used. These come with a tip from 0.1 mm - 1 mm tip range. The available colors depend on the manufacturer. The inks are waterproof so afterwards the drawings can be painted. There are several brand who sell these. I use the following 2 marks:

When I am a bit more experienced, I'll make a pro and contra of the different pens.

Some brands also sell brush pens, this i a mix of a paintbrush and ink pen.
They are highly on my wish list. Advice or testing packets from manufacturers are mostly welcome!

There are also refillable technical pens. These are more expensive but can last up to a lifetime with the proper care.
I don't owe these yet but am planing to work with them when I get some.
Rotring Isograph
Rotring Radiograph
Staedtler Mars Matic

Color Pencils


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